Come find the truth of the beauty within.

It’s a tale as old as time — a beast locked away because of a terrible curse. A young innocent who can right the wrongs with integrity and love.

Discover new twists on this classic tale in this collection of short stories. Explore worlds of magic and love, of the future and of the past.

  • A young woman exchanges her hand in marriage for the financial freedom of her family in Bethany Swafford’s To Save her Family.

  • S. M. MacDougall’s Breagha and the Beast tells the tale of a feisty young woman who stumbles upon a cursed ghost town and unearths the truth that sets its prisoner free.

  • Wolf Eyes, by Jac Harmon, reveals the story of a young man who makes a bargain with a wolf, thereby putting himself in danger — not from the wolf, but from his family.

  • When a young woman discovers something remarkable in the depths of an asteroid, she must use all her intelligence to keep it secret in Mark Hood’s West of the Moon.

  • In Chelle Honiker’s The Beast, wolf-shifter Berkely Jamison is running out of time to secure his humanity. Only the lovely Sabella could bring salvation… or seal his fate.

  • In the story Beau and the Crone, by M. Renee Vess, Prince Beau gives up more than he bargained for when he trades his life for his father’s to the mysterious witch in the swamp.

  • Clockwork strangers traverse both hostile lands and their perceptions of each other in Gareth Lewis’s Clockwork Hearts.

  • In Robyn Sarty’s A Thorny Truth, a young woman must face her fears and steal from the beast if she’s to save her father.

  • A troubled young girl and an outcast boy find their lives magically woven together in Miriam Fraser’s Wolf Moon.

  • In Merri Mayweather’s Melissa and Zane, Melissa challenges everything Zane has learned about life when she demands something money can’t buy.

These Tales from the Treehouse will leave you spell-bound and wanting more!

(I contributed my short story ‘West of the Moon’ to this anthology)