Snow White - fair or foul?

What if Snow White wasn’t a princess? What if her step-mother wasn’t evil? What if the conflict wasn’t propelled by magic, but by popularity?

Explore these questions and more in this collection of six Snow White retellings.

  • The Poet’s Missing Daughter by Phoenix Xiao tells the tale of a missing girl and her step mother who has something supernatural to hide.

  • An elven sorceress faces an impossible choice between saving one life or many in Julian Barr’s Kingdom of the Mirror.

  • A young girl fights monsters in the dark world of sleep in J. W. Atkinson’s Snow White and the Silent Death.

  • A young beauty influencer finally reveals all regarding the machinations of her step mother in Mark Hood’s Skin Deep.

  • In Marlene Simonette’s The Many Failures of Evil, a halfling child must relive the painful memories of her past and fight for a family.

  • A mysterious message prompts a young woman to cross the line of right and wrong in Robyn Sarty’s The Fruitful Heist.

These Tales from the Treehouse will leave you spell-bound and wanting more!

(I contributed my short story ‘Skin Deep’ to this anthology)