I’m in danger of becoming big-headed, my second interview as an author is now out!

I’ve written here before about the BestSeller Experiment podcast , and how their advice and author interviews have been a huge help as I start my writing journey. Well now it’s my turn!

From time to time they do what they call an ‘all-stars’ interview, talking to someone who has done something special or noteworthy. And my habit of writing every day grabbed their attention. (Check out the stats on the home page of this very website , to see how I’m doing.)

I chatted with the two Marks for about a half-hour last week, explaining how (and why) I write every day, some of the perks and pitfalls of maintaining a writing habit. Fortunately you can’t see my face when they introduce me by saying such nice things, I was cringing so hard I must have looked like I was in pain!

Fortunately they’re decent chaps and quickly put me at my ease, and I think the interview went very well. At any rate, I’ve watched it back and didn’t want to hide in a hole, so I’m calling that a win.

But I was so tongue-tied at the end that I didn’t manage to say how much the Academy and BXP Facebook group had been inspirational and supportive to me over the last few years. So hopefully this can make up for it.

Thank you guys!

Check out the BestSeller Experiment Website , and if you like what they do as much as I do, consider supporting them on Patreon too . You get access to extra shows, but more importantly the BXP Facebook group, which is one of the most supportive and welcoming communities I’ve ever been lucky enough to find.

My interview is available as an episode of the podcast here but if you prefer to watch moving pictures while you listen, it’s on YouTube too: