Always wanted to write a book?

Since I posted about finishing and publishing my first book on Friday, I’ve been overwhelmed by the support you’ve all shown me. Thank you! I’ve also been surprised how many people have messaged me to say they’re envious, they’ve always wanted to write a book, or that they have ideas for a novel but don’t have the time.

Well here’s something that can help (and it’s free, don’t worry - I’m not selling anything!)

One of the podcasts I listen to, and one which helped me a great deal during my writing and editing is The Bestseller Experiment - two guys decided to see if they could write a best-selling novel and publish it within a year. They did. And this despite holding down day jobs and running the podcast every week!

Now they’ve set up this challenge for 2020 - Can you write 200 words a day?

If you can (and be honest, that last email you sent was probably more than 200 words) then by the end of a year you will have 73,000 words - the average length of a novel. To give you an idea, this post is 200 words up to this sentence!

I bet you could do that easily - sitting on the bus, while you drink your morning coffee, possibly even when in a boring meeting so it looks like you’re taking notes… 200 words is about a page of text in a typical paperback. One page a day!

But the writing is only part of it. Being accountable helps: if people know you’re doing it then they can support and encourage you. And it’s scary to put that out in the world, I know. But the challenge also comes with a community of people who are doing the same thing; committing to writing 200 words a day, a novel in a year, and will go through the best and worst right along with you.

So why am I suggesting this? Because it’s come up at the perfect time - I’ve just completed book number 1 (and I’m working on the next ones), it’s the end of the year and people are thinking about life changes - and I now know how many of you are keen to give writing a try!

So click through, have a look and sign up.