Revision 1 is now 100% re-read and marked up.

Writing progress as of 8th February 2019.

I finished re-reading and making notes! I’d set myself a very gentle deadline of mid-February to complete this, but fortunately as I went through the second half of the book I discovered it wasn’t in as bad a shape as I’d feared, so it went quicker than I might have hoped.

That said, there are a lot of little notes in there - fortunately nothing seems to be wrong with the structure (probably because I worked with a good outline) but there’s a good few improvements I’d like to make, which will take some time to do. Some are simple comments like “this phrasing is clumsy” or “unclear” which won’t take a lot to fix up; but some are things like “foreshadow this more” which will take a lot more effort.

If I start on Monday & set another very gentle target of working on all the notes in one chapter a day, 5 days a week - that’ll take me until early May - so let’s say I should aim to complete that by the end of April. Bonus points if it’s done before Easter (this year that’s 19th^ April). That should certainly be feasible - two chapters a day would only take until March 22^nd (coincidentally my Birthday) so that might be the ‘ambitious’ target!

Between now and then I will be relaxing a little - and in particular catching up on some reading.

Revision 1 is now 100% re-read and marked up.