Draft 1 is now at 92%, 127,753 words.

Writing progress as of 13th November 2018.

Whoops - a weekend off and then Monday too, that was not what I’d planned. I really had intended to write every day at first, or at least every weekday; but for one boring reason after another it just hasn’t happened.

Fortunately I’m well ahead of the deadline so I can afford a day or two (or three) off! I suspect that the reason I didn’t get back to it was at least partly because I didn’t know what to write. While I might have had good reasons not to push myself back to my desk, I certainly had the time if I’d wanted to. I believe I was just avoiding what I thought would be a hard writing day.

And in fact, when I sat down today with a blank screen in front of me… it took less than 5 minutes to work out where today’s writing would take me, and just over an hour to get there. I guess this teaches me two things.

  1. It’s never as hard as you think it’ll be.

  2. Don’t wait for inspiration - make it happen.

The climax of the story has begun - the characters are in place for the final showdown and the wheels have all been set in motion.

Word Count

2,107 words are now in the draft that were not yesterday.

Draft 1 is now at 92%, 127,753 words.