Amy’s comfortable life is shattered when the Martians attack. Forced to flee the burning town of Woking, she can’t prevent her husband George from vanishing into the night on a foolish errand. With no idea if he will ever return, and fearing for her unborn child, she sets out to try and find him among the tidal wave of terrified people.

When Ella, an orphaned refugee, begs her for help, Amy promises to find her grandparents. Unable to reach them, she ends up working in a field hospital tending to the injured and dying victims of the Martian assault. Supplies are running dry, the army wants to commandeer the place for their own wounded, and more desperate souls arrive every hour.

Meanwhile the Martian destruction draws ever closer.

How can one woman make a difference when the world is crashing down around her? Download ‘Amy’s Story’ for free and find out!