Draft 1 is now at about 84% complete, 117,260 words.

Writing progress as of 3rd November 2018.

Computer problems struck today - suddenly my computer stopped responding and went to 100% CPU usage. I wasn’t able to type, and even quitting Scrivener seemed impossible. I was very concerned that I might have lost my progress so far but fortunately that was not the case.

I intended to write more about computer safety and the importance of backing up your work anyway - but now I have more of a reason! I have Scrivener set to save whenever I stop typing, so the most I should lose in theory is whatever has been written since I last paused for two seconds (not much, the pace I write at!) In addition, it automatically backs up a zip file of the whole project every time I quit - so even if a PC problem somehow caused it to corrupt the lot, the most I would lose in that scenario would be today’s work - and I’ve literally never heard of that happening to anyone. I will be explaining how I do this (and it’s really very simple) in a later blog post - so watch out for that. And sign up to the mailing list below if you want to know when I post something other than these simple daily updates. I won’t spam you!

Word Count

Despite the technological hiccups 2,298 words are now in the draft that were not yesterday.

Draft 1 is now at about 84% complete, 117,260 words.