Spooky goings on, and I saw a show!

So for all my plans, I’ve written nothing since Sunday… and not touched the novel since Saturday.

That’s because I was in London, watching Hamilton . Yes, I’m very late to the hype party, but what a show that was!

We travelled down on Monday, had a day to ourselves in town and then saw the show on Tuesday night. Back home today (Wednesday) and so that’s three days missed. No regrets though, as I managed to put the book aside for some fantastic entertainment, and in the process my subconscious came up with some great ideas for the final act of the story.

So it will be back to the writing tomorrow - fortunately my self-imposed deadline does leave me slack for things like this, but I do want to get back into the ‘writing everyday’ habit.

And of course, tomorrow (as I write this) is November 1st, so that’s the start of NaNoWriMo. While I’m not doing it ‘officially’ this year, I will be following the ideals yet again and writing every day. I have about 40,000 words to do instead of the traditional 50,000 so it should be a walk in the park, right?