Flash fiction for every letter of the alphabet… based on myths and legends.

Firstly, thanks to all of you who pre-ordered the book, either as a physical copy directly from me , or as an eBook via Amazon . I’m absolutely thrilled so many of you are excited to keep following George and Amy as they fight for survival.

When you have read it, it would be a massive help to see some reviews posted. Be honest, and tell other potential readers what you thought! It can make a huge difference.

So what’s next, I hear you ask? Well, ideas are gestating for the third (and final) book in that series, and I have the second of my ‘Fairies’ books to edit too. So naturally I’m taking on another challenge anyway.

There’s a fellow on YouTube that goes by the name ‘Struthless’ . He’s Australian, and extremely creative. His videos are a combination of inspiration, documentary and psychology, all presented in a very energetic (if somewhat frenetic) style that I find oddly motivating. He has a way of encouraging you into action when you really don’t think you can ‘do the thing’.

And he’s launching a new project. Called ‘Alphabet Superset’ it’s a simple enough idea — create a piece of art for each letter of the alphabet. One per week, with a few rest weeks built in, so it’s definitely do-able. While most of his followers are visual artists of some type, the challenge is open to anyone and everyone, so I’m choosing to do it via writing. So here’s my public declaration:

  • I will create a flash fiction piece (200-250 words) every week. They will be inspired by the myths and legends of the UK, and based on a different letter of the alphabet each time.
  • I’ll post them on my blog, both as written word and audio of me reading them out. I will probably add one to each scheduled email, but I won’t be spamming you with them all.
  • They may also appear on some social media, although I have absolutely no idea which of the current crop of apps is worth my time and energy.

Here’s the video announcing it — there’s still time to sign up (completely free) to do your own creative challenge too, if you like. The beauty is that so much of it is constrained and limited; most of the tricky decisions and stumbling blocks are taken out of your way.

Wish me luck!