Draft 2 is now complete, 119,900 words.

Writing progress as of 25th February 2019.

That was easier than I expected! I’ve managed to go from 140k to 120k words, without cutting out anything important. One thing I’ve noticed is that I tend to say things more than once, and often use ‘weasel words’ like ‘seemed to’ or ‘appeared to’ a lot - so just snipping those out was a big chunk of my work.

Also I went through for each character and ensured that their dialogue was consistent, and hopefully unique to them.

Now all of this is to say that I’ve done my best with this novel so far, but now it’s off to be read by a trusted reader for any additional comments. Once that’s done, I can look into submitting it to agents to see if I can garner some representation.

While it’s off being read, I’ll be working out which agents to submit to and how best to ensure I get their attention!

Draft 2 is now complete, 119,900 words.