The cat’s fine!

Writing progress as of 6th March 2019.

While the novel is being considered (or gathering dust in a slush pile somewhere, but I prefer not to think about that) I’m not going to be sitting still. Or more accurately I will be sitting still, but I’ll be moving forward with more writing. Confused yet?

While obviously I hope that my novel will be picked up by an agent who wants to represent it, and they sell it easily to a major publisher, I will be preparing for the possibility that won’t happen. So I’ve been spending my free time planning out a novella set in the same world as the novel, but completely stand-alone. I can then give this away to build up a mailing list to keep people updated with what I’m up to and any new writing I’m doing.

This way, if I decide to self-publish I should have an audience ready to go. And if a publisher wants to know if I have a ‘platform’ already, I will be able to say yes!

Just to tease you, I won’t be saying what it’s about yet - but I will post another update next week explaining all…

Oh, and a quick kitten update: she’s fine - she had most of her teeth out so she’s a little woozy from the anaesthetic, but she’s eating well and all of her blood tests came back normal. She’s a tough little fuzzball!