Now we wait! The novel is with a few agents for consideration.

Writing progress as of 4th March 2019.

The novel is submitted.

Five agents now have an email with either the first 50 pages or the entire manuscript, depending on their submission requirements. All have a cover letter detailing what it’s all about, and some also get a synopsis detailing the entire plot - again, if that’s what submitting to them requires.

Obviously I won’t be naming names here, but I do believe I’ve picked agents who represent similar works and seem to be a good match for me and my work.

Now we wait - one has said they endeavour to get back to applicants within three weeks, but most say if you’ve not heard from them within eight weeks, they’re not interested. So it’s a couple of months of nail-biting to come!

Still, it feels good to have finally bitten the bullet and sent my work out into the world!

In non-writing news, today has been a mad-cap day. We had a major storm here last night, which shook one of the trees in the garden so much it demolished the garden wall. Fortunately it’s just a low row of bricks and it fell into a field, so no-one was hurt. Unfortunately the wall held a tap for the hosepipe, and that’s now shattered the connector and water is spouting ten feet in the air. That was quite something to wake up to!

And one of the cats has to go to the vet - she has some dental problems and needs some teeth out. All in all, submitting the novel was probably the least stressful thing I’ve dealt with today!

Now we wait! The novel is with a few agents for consideration.

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