Draft 1 is now at approximately 79%, 110,880 words.

Writing progress as of 28th October 2018.


I deliberately took today as a non-writing day, but instead decided to focus on some fine-tuning of this blog, and write a proper first article for it, which you can see now . That’s around 1,500 words which is not a bad amount, for a supposedly ‘quick’ introduction to story structure.

Also I updated the back-end of the blog to auto-post to Pinterest & Tumblr, in the hopes that as I write more posts here I’ll be able to increase the reach and have it seen by more people. And most importantly to you, dear reader, I changed the links to books I recommend to use a site which will allow you to choose where you get the book from, and automatically realises what country you’re in and divert you to that store. So I don’t have to do clumsy sets of links for Amazon UK, US, CA, and so on, not to mention separate links for Apple Books, Kobo, etc.

So while I didn’t write any of the novel today, I’ve been productive! And with that post, this one and a few notes I’ve taken for the next chapter or two I’ve still hit around 2,000 words written so my writing muscles shouldn’t get stiff.

I’m thinking that Sundays will be a day to post something about the craft of writing, share some tips and tricks I’ve found to be helpful. Whether I continue to write on Sundays also, remains to be seen - a rest day might not be a bad idea, but the advice tends to be ‘write every day’… We shall see how I get on.

And I’ll pick a date in the week to recommend a blog, podcast or book I’ve enjoyed - probably before the weekend so we can all read together!

Let me know what you think, is there anything regular you’d like to see me cover? I’m open to suggestions…

Word Count

The draft has not changed since yesterday.

Draft 1 is now at approximately 79%, 110,880 words.