Draft 1 is now at around 66% complete, 94,418 words.

Writing progress as of 25th October 2018. I’ve reached the second pinch point, approximately 2/3 of the way through the novel.

(I will be explaining what the second pinch point is when I do my promised post on structure - I’m drafting that alongside the other work, to take a break from the main event).

This has been one more day spent transferring text from Draft 0 into Draft 1. This time I had to drastically alter the order of certain scenes, since my unplanned free-writing had created the mother of all soggy middle sections. With my structure laid out, I could see I needed a certain event much earlier in the story than I’d previously had it - prior to this reworking I had my heroes take a long journey to discovery of the antagonist’s plans which I liked a lot, but might ultimately prove unnecessary. Perhaps I can use it as an outtake for sending to my mailing list subscribers . Some of what was there will be re-used later, however - so it’ll not be wasted. And it’s all good practice, even if I don’t use it all!

I’ve spent about two hours today doing that, which might not seem long but it takes a fair bit of brain-power to hold the entire story in mind at one go and move things around without breaking them. I had to write maybe 500 words in total, reworking the scenes I moved so they (hopefully) don’t refer to previous scenes that are no longer in the draft.

Word Count

25,664 words are now in the draft that were not yesterday. There are around 15,000 words left in Draft 0 but I am unsure how many I can use - so I’ll soon be back to the writing part!

Draft 1 is now at around 66% complete, 94,418 words.