Newsletter 15th March 2022

We have a launch date!

Hello again, {$name}. Up here in the northern hemisphere it’s about to become spring again.

The days are getting longer, the sun is out (sometimes, this is England after all) and even the flowers in the garden seem to believe winter is over.

Purple and white crocus pushing through the lawn

Oh, and it’s not just the flowers that are coming out - my book has too!

The Return of the Martians

They’re coming back.

It’s been two years since the events chronicled in “The War of the Worlds”. Humanity has moved on, the rebuilding efforts continue, and no-one really thinks about Martians any longer.

But one man can’t let go. George is still rattled by the events he endured the first time around, and is sure that it’s only a matter of time until they return. He’s sure that we’re not ready, but his efforts to raise his concerns are rebuffed. Even his wife Amy is losing patience with him.

Until the first flashes are seen on the surface of Mars.

When the cylinders land, better defended and in larger numbers than before, George finds himself on the front lines of humanity’s resistance. Amy can see that it’s reawakened his terror, and his insistence on making a difference is dragging him down a dark path.

Can George overcome his demons to fight back against the invaders? Or will they triumph over us this time?

The first in a trilogy of unofficial sequels to “The War of the Worlds” has mankind on the run once more. Buy it today to join the resistance.

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Mars News

The biggest danger facing Perseverance

While the protagonists of my novel have any number of dreadful adversaries to counter - Martians, cultists, saboteurs - the Perseverance rover has a more mundane enemy.


The primary mission of the rover is science, and part of that science is to sample rocks and sand from the surface of Mars to look for life. Unfortunately the samples are blocked up as some rock got into the mechanism and it’s stopping things from moving.

Nasa has a plan, though - click through to read about the ingenious solutions they’re dreaming up for when a bit of grit gets in the works millions of miles away…

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