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First in the 'Fae Defence Society' series, due for release in 2023

Book 1 in the Fae Defence Society series.

Published: Early 2021

The Fairies Want Me Dead

Richard Williams feels too young for a mid-life crisis; but his marriage is breaking up, he has a job he barely tolerates and little else to distract him. When his Grandfather passes away Richard discovers he was a member of a secretive society devoted to combating supernatural threats, and now he’s drawn himself to the attention of creatures more terrifying than the fairy tales let on.

His new allies give him a taste of magical power, asking him to work with them in return for their protection. Before long he’s aching to learn more of the magic he sees around him and begins digging into the society’s darkest secrets.

Discovering that the people he allied himself with are every bit as dangerous as the creatures they battle, Richard must decide exactly how far he is willing to go to protect himself.

An urban fantasy mixed with slow-burning horror, “The Fairies Want Me Dead” is my debut novel.

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